Wavy hair

If your hair has the natural wavy look, then consider yourself lucky, your hair is perfectly balanced between straight and curly hair. Wavy hair, commonly known as type 2 hair, has a wavy texture that is in between straight and curly. It means it has more straight shape than curly hair and at the same time has some wave shape to it. Type 2 hair is straight at the root, once grows, shows a clear natural wavy look, usually from ears down. It does not become overly oily nor overly dry. The natural waves on type 2 hair are sometimes mistaken with curly hair. Although in some people it has a barely noticeable S shape. Therefore, it is not as dry as curly hair since the oily substance can travel freely through the hair strand.


Like other hair types, type 2 category has three subgroups. Type 2A, hair grows straight at the root and the waves become separated slightly from straight lines in the hair strand. This hair type does not require much styling and if you air dry your hair; the waves will form naturally. In type 2B, the hair grows straight from the root and then forms a medium or large wave (S shape pattern) at the end of the strand. Type 2B, is also frizzier when compared to type 2A. And type 2C, is the borderline in between wavy and curly hair. In some people it looks like curly hair, therefore it may be difficult to distinguish it from curly hair type. In this type, the size of the waves is small to medium. When compared to type 2A and 2B, type 2C is the most prone to frizz.