Straight hair (type 1)

Anyone can easily straighten their hair by using various styling methods. Although some people are naturally born with straight hair which is known as type 1 hair. If you have straight hair, then you are enjoying having shinier hairs, since the oil can travel all through the hair strands and gives it a nice shine. But the downside is that your hair can gets greasy very easily. People with straight hair, usually develop a love or hate relationship with their hair. It can be lovely to have straight hair which does not have any frizz and has a nice shinny appearance. Although on the other side, straight hair can be annoying due to their natural structure. They can be difficult to handle, and they can become greasy quicker than other types of hair.


In hair industry, straight or type 1 hair, is divided into three categories, 1A, 1B and 1C. Type 1A, are known to be straight hair that has no curl to it, they are soft and shiny, but thin and wispy. The hair strand is completely straight, from the scalp to the tip. With this type of hair, it is very difficult to hold even a tiny curl. Type 1B, is a bit thicker and not as straight as 1A and are capable of holding some curl. It is said that most people with type 1 hair would fall under this category. 1C is thicker when compared to 1A and 1B, therefore, this hair type can cause frizz. This type is also straight although has some waves in some parts.