Goods are despatched within 5 days from the day you place an order. So, the delivery time will depend on your chosen courier service afterwards.

  • Deliveries will be made to the address stipulated in your order. 
  • Goods are sent by post. We will send you a message by email to tell you when we have despatched your order.
  • If we agree with you to deliver on a particular day or at a particular time, we will do our best to comply. But no time given is to be treated as contractual. So we are not liable to you for any expense or inconvenience you incur on account of delayed delivery or non-delivery.
  • Large orders may be delivered direct from our manufacturer’s site in the UK who will contact you to arrange delivery.
  • Time for delivery specified on the order, if any, is an estimate only and time shall not be of the essence.
  • We might be able to arrange to pick up Goods from our shop/ warehouse provided you make an appointment in advance and payment has been received into our bank. A cheque on arrival is not acceptable.

What if you pick up the goods from our stock

If you pick up Goods from any of our premises or our suppliers or our manufacturers sites then:

  • we will not be able to assist you in loading heavy items;
  • Goods are at your risk from the moment they are picked up by you or your Carrier from our shop / warehouse or any of the sites
  • you agree that you are responsible for everything that happens after you take possession of the Goods, both on and off our premises, including damage to property of any sort, belonging to any person.