Obviously, decades of irresponsible use of plastics has resulted in tons of waste in our oceans and land fields. So, it’s our all responsibility to do something about this whole sustainability problem. Therefore, we tried to create a shampoo that not only offers superior experience, but it is a sustainable product. In fact, our Nourish Flourish shampoo is a good replacement for a complex hair care routine. Most of us use shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, hair serum and leave-on conditioner on daily basis. However, switching to our Nourish Flourish, you’d reduce the number of plastic bottles sitting in your bathroom by almost 80%.

Packaging materials

Our plastic packaging is one of the most widely recycled in the UK. So, we’re hoping that our beautiful bottles won’t contribute to mass landfills. Furthermore, our products are packed in cardboard packaging, which is fully recyclable and biodegradable. So, overall, when it comes to packaging materials, we made sure to choose the ones which don’t cause more sustainability issues.

Other sustainability matters

Reducing the number of plastic packaging and using recyclable materials are far from the end of our sustainable journey. In fact, biodegradability was another important factor when formulating our products. For example, the surfactants in our products will not pile in environment but degrade biologically and naturally. Furthermore, we haven’t forgotten our animal friends either! So, each of our products are vegan friendly.