Only £19.99 for Two Months Supply

Only £19.99 for Two Months Supply

( 68 customer reviews )


Healthy hair is generally a sign of balanced diet and good hair-care regime

A combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and extracts


 a more balanced hair growth from within


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How it works

Supporting hair follicles through consistent intake of the nutrients


Strengthening hair so that breakage and thinning continue to decline

*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value

**NNRV = No NRV established


Directions: As a food supplement for adults, take one (1) tablet daily, preferably with meals. Do not exceed stated dose.

It’s simple! If you didn’t like the shampoo, then please contact us within 30-days of receipt of the product. Simply send us the order number via contact form on our website, or emailing to We will then refund you the cost of product, but unfortunately, we can’t refund the delivery cost.

Take one tablet per day with or immediately after your main meal, with water. Taking the tablet with a meal can improve the absorption of the nutrients. It also reduces potential nausea, which may be experienced if taken on an empty stomach. Do not chew the tablet.

You may use this food supplement if concerned about the appearance of your hair, general condition of your scalp. Or if you’re showing age-related changes in your hair. It simply could be that you’d like to support your hair’s nutritional needs to maintain your already beautiful hair and healthy scalp.

Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin and is often advertised for hair loss, brittle nails or skin rash. If you do not get enough Biotin in your diet, your hair may become brittle which can lead to hair loss. Make sure you get enough Biotin by taking biotin supplements or by eating plenty of biotin-rich foods such as wholegrains, eggs, liver and yeast.

This food supplement contains no drugs or hormones however as with any other food supplements, please consult your GP or pharmacist for advice on taking alongside specific medicines. Also please seek professional advice before taking it if you suffer from allergies.

It varies amongst individuals. Some of our customers have noticed reduction in hair loss within first few weeks. However, in most cases you could expect the benefits after several weeks if not months. 

When you stop taking Hair Catalyst you may experience hair loss coming back and that healthy-looking hydrated hair fading, unless you manage the vitamins, minerals and DHT blockers through diet, which could be hard for some of us. Generally, Hair Catalyst being a food supplement, there is no maximum length of time over which it may be used. However, once you achieved the results, you may take it less often for maintenance. For example, you may take it every other day instead.

There are several vitamins and minerals which are very safe at levels tens or even hundreds of times the Nutrient Reference Value (NRV). These vitamins and minerals have shown positive benefits in specific areas of health at levels above the NRV.

Taking natural DHT blockers is a great way of hold on to the hair you have without taking prescription medication. Excessive levels of DHT can contribute to baldness and prostate problems in men and female-pattern hair loss in women. Using DHT blockers could help return your DHT levels to normal and allow your hair to regrow. Through extensive research we know that Saw Plametto and Nettle Leaf are great natural DHT blockers to help reduce hair loss in Men and Women. These two amazing natural ingredients are used in our Hair catalyst, which along with vitamins and minerals together help you grow naturally healthy hair.

Alopecia is caused by a few genetic and environmental factors. Sadly, there is no permanent cure for alopecia, but it does not mean nothing can be done about it. Hair Catalyst contain clinically proven ingredients that could reduce hair loss and stimulate your hair growth. The least Hair Catalyst could do is to slow down the hair loss which is also a great result.

At a daily serving size of one tablet, our bottle of 60 vegan tablets supplies you for two months. 

Everything we manufacture is made & certified in the UK and safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards in the world, GMP.

We have sourced the finest and most beneficial ingredients allowing us to provide high strength ingredients in Hair Catalyst. No artificial colours or flavours are used, it's GMO free and free from allergens such as Gluten, Wheat, Lactose and nuts.
And YES the product is manufactured in the UK.

We have no clinical evidence of our products reversing grey hair however we strongly recommend taking Hair Catalyst, for a more balanced condition of hair and scalp which is key in preventing and slowing down premature hair ageing and greyig.


  • Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Hair vitamins'
  • Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Hair vitamins'
  • Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Hair vitamins'
  • Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'hair loss before after images'
  • Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'hair loss before after images'

68 reviews for Hair Catalyst

  1. Emanuel

    My hair’s growth rate was so slow, it would take ages to grow a centimetre. After taking these supplements for a couple of months, I see a big change. My hair grows longer faster. Really good supplements.

  2. Krispin-46

    I have been looking for something to make my hair healthy again and I was hesitant to try this, but I am so glad I did. The supplements really improve the health of the hair and scalp. My hair has grown so much. Just fantastic.

  3. WillG

    I usually don’t have much energy, but when I started taking these supplements, I get so much energy. It’s great because there is nothing harmful in them. Everything is natural, I even showed them to my GP and he said they seem to be really good, with a lot of multivitamins.

  4. Adelaide-Margaretta

    I hate taking 4-5 pills everyday… or vitamin B, C, E, zinc, magnesium… but I love Jouvelline! I hated the taste at first but you get used to it. I love the simplicity o tasking just 1 pill and it has almost everything in it.

  5. Mishra

    I bought this about a month ago and I haven’t seen much results in terms of hair growth but my nails feel stronger and every time I take them, I get a burst of energy. But I will keep taking them because their improving my mood and I feel healthier.

  6. JerryO

    Incredible!! I bought this 3 months ago and I’m on my second bottle! My hair has grown so long, and not only that, it’s looking much fuller which means it must be working! I’m 47 so I thought ‘hair growth’ is a marketing strategy, but I thought I’d give it a go and I am so glad I did!! A customer for life!

  7. Patel

    I tend to have a patchy beard, and I tried so many things but none of the worked, so when my friend suggested this I tried it and saw instant results! It was amazing! My beard has grown back, its much less patchy!

  8. SarahM

    I love these so much. I started shedding about a year ago and I tried everything, from all brands and prices, but nothing worked. Then I tried these Jouvelline Supplements, and they’re incredible. My hair loss has decreased hugely, and I’m starting to regrow my hair! A bit expensive though!

  9. Naomi-N

    I really like the supplements, I was recommended them by a friend, she said its been so effective and so I decided to give them a go. I’m not a fan of the after taste but I’d say its worth it.

  10. Leon

    My wife got these for me 2 months ago. I was pessimistic to try them, and the after-taste is not great but it’s only one a day so I thought I‘d carry on. Not only is my hair healthier and fuller, but so is my beard! Not patchy anymore! Fantastic product! Especially that nasty bald spots in my beard have disappeared. I feel more confident now and I strongly recommend this product to anyone with hair or beard concerns.

  11. LindaMill

    I never blow-dry my hair after shower, and it used to take around half an hour for my hair to air-dry. Taking this product for 4 months now, my hair takes a good few hours to dry. It only confirmed that I have grown thicker hair or that my hair maintains moisture, stronger than before. I have also noticed that my hair line has become narrower.

  12. Roy-Al

    I got Hair Catalyst for myself as I had lost a lot of hair over the last few months. I can tell that my hair loss has gone. I just hope that the vitamins can help with the regrowth.

  13. Miriam

    I bought this about 3 weeks ago. It took a while for me to see the difference, but now I’m sure that shedding has reduced, and my hair is shinier and fuller! It doesn’t taste great, but it’s only one tablet a day! I recommend it and I’m going to come back for more before it runs out!

  14. Kat78

    Started the tablets two weeks ago. My hair feels more moisturised and healthier. Is it related?

  15. Jay

    I just purchased my second bottle. I believe my hair loss has reduced but I also generally feel I’m healthier and more energetic. I just wish it was cheaper, but again one bottle supplies two months so not too bad. And if it helped with my hair growing back then defo worth the money.

  16. Matt

    I’ve been taking the tablets for almost 3 months. Somethings have changed about my hair. Thicker and fuller! I will carry on using it. Planning to stack up when it’s on offer! 😊

  17. Lloyd

    Great product, fantastic results within the first month, as I noticed my hair loss was almost gone. A little pricy but it’s for two month supply, so not too bad

  18. Ella

    I’ve been ordering these for my son and I can see a difference in his hair. It looks thicker and healthier. Would recommend these vitamins.

  19. Tom26

    My hair condition was terrible and only a month on these and my hair feels so much better. I will continue to use and recommend to anyone! A little expensive tho and I wish it was cheaper but again a bottle supplies for two months so not bad.

  20. Sved

    It’s pricey and taste is not great! I really hope that it’ll work!

  21. Rupert

    Started sceptical of the hype now I’m a fan. The tablet most definitely works for me. I have noticed much less hair loss in shower already which feels really good. I’m a happy man!

  22. Briana

    I have been using them for a month. Expensive but totally worth it if you love your hair!

  23. Michael

    It definitely reduced hair loss like almost immediately! I’m curious to see if my hair start regrowing too. Will take longer I suppose.

  24. Viki

    I am relatively new to using this product, only started last week. I purchased this because of good reviews and money back guarantee deal! But I feel like I’m seeing less hair in shower already, so this could be a good sign?

  25. HotMan

    I’m 30 years male, with my hair started falling out badly about 5 months ago, where I part my hair in the middle. I did a lot of research and came across Hair catalyst. Gave it a go; I still see my hair falling out but I’m certain that the hair loss is reduced. Thanks to this.

  26. Ali

    I’d like to share my before (1st one) and after (2nd one) images. My recommendation to new users of Hair Catalyst: Just be patient and you’ll get the results!

    Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Hair vitamins'
  27. Armani

    I never write reviews but I really want to share my story with people who might be in my situation before taking Hair Catalyst. My hair had turned frizzy from a very anxious period when going through divorce. I did a lot of research, and decided to give Hair catalyst a go and I can 100% say it is worth the investment. At month 2 my hair was smoother, thicker and fuller. It helped me stop worrying about going bald and I kind of forgot I even had a problem with thinning hair 🙂 Hair Catalyst definitely helped my hair regain its natural state. I would say give them a try.

  28. Eric

    I am 28 years old who became a vegan about a year ago. I noticed that my hair was falling out so much so started taking Hair catalyst which was on promotion at the time. The first week I felt that my hair wasn’t falling out as much. I’m still not sure whether it was physcology or for real! Anyways my hair is now growing fast, my hair loss is reduced for sure and I love it!

  29. Anna

    Hoping for lustrous locks, and after years of heat treating my hair, I decided to give this a go. I wasn’t completely bought into the hype but I’m pleased that I have given it a go! Early days but I feel like my hair is more moisturised than ever without changing any of my hair care products. Excited to see if the vitamins can help my damaged hair revived.

  30. Marica

    I took the vitamins and a week later my skin broke out! loads of small itchy rashes on my arms. When consulting with my GP he advised that I’m probably allergic to vitamin Bs in Hair catalyst! Sorry that I had to stop taking them so don’t know if they’re good for hair loss or not.

  31. LavenderLover

    I never write reviews but I really want to share my story with people who might be in my situation before taking Hair Catalyst. My hair had turned frizzy from a very anxious period when going through divorce. I did a lot of research, and decided to give Hair catalyst a go and I can 100% say it is worth the investment. At month 2 my hair was smoother, thicker and fuller. It helped me stop worrying about going bald and I kind of forgot I even had a problem with thinning hair 🙂 Hair Catalyst definitely helped my hair regain its natural state. I would say give them a try.

  32. Jess

    I have been using Hair catalyst since early August 2020 and can honestly say that I feel my thinning hair is stronger. The tablets cost but a price I am happy to pay if the improvement persists. I’ve always had lovely hair but hormonal changes have changed all that and I now hope that Hair Catalyst can actually change that. I have a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and dairy so was dubious when I started taking these, that actually these vitamins could help! But I now believe this is probably the case with me despite my healthy diet

  33. Angela1970

    Excellent results with my hair, skin and nails. It has helped my thin, fine hair to strengthen and grow, my nails are much stronger and grow faster now.

  34. Corrinne

    I have been using these tablets for nearly a year now and they really work. My hair was getting thin due to the menopause and now its thickened considerably. My nails have never been better too. The only downside is the after taste. It’s a little sour which could be due to the load of vitamin C in it

  35. alex

    I wanted a supplement to help grow stronger hair. I had tried biotin before which caused my skin to breakout. However I didn’t have any issue with this supplement and in the first week I felt that my nails were stronger and my hair was growing thicker.

  36. Dan-1968

    I’m male, 53 year old, and I have been using the pills for about 5 months. and I am very pleased with the results. I’m growing a lot of very small hairs all over my very bold patches. I guess it took me so long to see results may be due to the fact that I have been losing hair for over 25 years! Probably taking longer for the follicles to get activated again? anyways I’m no scientist but I like what I’m seeing so thought to share the experience with others.

  37. Marsbar98

    My hair has never looked fuller and healthier. I had lost a lot of my hairline at the front, but after taking these tablets, my baby hairs are back!! its fantastic!

  38. Dmitri

    Alright I think some hair roots are growing back but it’s a slow process if I’m being honest and I’m not a patient person!

  39. Susie

    My pee has turned yellow since taking the tablets, which I suspect is due to the high doses of vitamins. Happy with my purchase and will buy again.

  40. Sophie

    I have always been sceptical of these kinda products. I’m a mixed raced girl with curly hair, it just coils tighter. Ever since taking the tablets my hair has grown, enough to weight my curls pulling them down and showing some actual length! 100% behind encouraging trying this out but always remember everyone is different and will react differently x

  41. Ava

    Highly recommend this product. My hair has grown longer faster than usual and is looking healthier. I have also noticed a general improvement in my skin, and my nails are much stronger.

  42. Mark-S

    I came across this when I was looking for Saw Palmetto supplements which is commonly used for decreasing symptoms of an enlarged prostate. I learned then that Saw Palmetto also helps with boosting hair functions! Bingo! One stone two birds! I have been taking these for two months now, have not noticed massive difference in my hair re-growth yet, may be more time is needed.

  43. Layla

    Great product! I’ve been experiencing hair thinning for a few years. Three weeks into taking these supplements and the hair loss has slowed down considerably.

  44. Sia

    I’ve just started using these and I’m so pleased that I don’t get the bloating that I usually get with food supplements. If it actually made a difference to my hair, then I’d become a serious fan!

  45. Bob

    Just started taking the pills. Generally I feel more energised during the day which I suspect is due to large amounts of vitamins and zinc in this. It’s early days and I will write about my hair in a few weeks.

  46. Kathryn2002

    I have been taking the tablets for 6 weeks now and have already noticed baby hairs growing all over my scalp. My hair loss also has reduced massively, and I feel that my hair is stronger and not breaking like it used to before.

  47. Amy

    I’ve noticed that my eyebrow hairs have grown and my nails become so strong and grow twice as fast! These tablets are doing somethings right for me.

  48. Claire_123

    The only effective hair supplement I’ve ever used! Almost two months in and my hair looks and feels fuller, thicker and stronger. Highly recommend.

  49. Tommi

    Male 29. I have noticed fuller hair since taking the tablets! Is it really possible? I only took these primarily as a good source of vitamins and minerals! Happy with my purchase. Look forward to try their shampoo!

  50. Eastman

    I love the fact that I have to take it only once a day! There is a bit of after taste taste like sour taste which might be due to massive amounts of vitamin C in it.

  51. Amanda_from_London

    Very effective! Started to see changes in 2 weeks. Less shedding and improved overall health and strength!

  52. Ben

    Working great for me so far!

  53. Anita

    I know that supplments are good for me, but sometimes I feel heavy after taking them. You want to see some difference too.
    I am glad that I took these supplement from Jouveline, they are really great products. Feel good taking them and I actually see the difference it makes to my hair, they started to look much fuller and healthier after a short time!

  54. Dave

    I waited for two months to review this product. My thinning patches are now beginning to fill in and overall my hair is looking great!! I don’t think it’s a quick fix, you have to be patient and you will definitely get the results you want.

  55. Scotty101

    My baby hairs around my face have started to grow a lot more – so I guess it’s working for me… woo hoo

  56. M

    Easy to order, quick delivery. Have been using for about 4 weeks now and have noticed improvement in my hair’s shine and general health. Will re-order!

  57. Negneg

    I am female, 24. Over the last two years I had lost a lot of hair due to Uni stress and unhealthy student style diet. Since taking these tablets I have grown back to many baby hairs, which is annoying at times, but I’m pleased that the signs of hair thinning have almost disappeared!

  58. Mary2000

    I have highlights and this has made my hair feel like hair again! This has certainly worked for me within the first 3-4 weeks. my hair was much fuller and thicker after three months. I’m sure my hairdresser will notice when finally, the beauty salons are open in July!

  59. Camilla

    Magic pills! I’m in love with this, my hair is growing and growing and growing, I recommend this 100%

  60. MissMay

    I tried this product last year in October for the first time because I experienced hair loss. I’ve been advised to give it months as the result will not be immediate. After 3/4 months I started to sew lots of little hairs start to appeared on my hairline. I decided to keep taking this pill as a daily supplement and now I can tell for sure that I have thicker and much healthier hair. I really recommend this product.

  61. Sousan

    Absolutely love this. Just started the 2nd bottle and already have noticed a difference. I couldn’t grow my hair longer, due to the tips getting very dry so having to trim very often. I’m now getting the length that I never have had! Exciting times!

  62. MayaMaya

    This product is well worth the money – in fact cheaper than high street brands like Viviscal, which made me feel sceptical at first! My hair was alarmingly thinning especially noticeable due to long hair, but after a couple of weeks the hair loss slowed down already and after couple of months the positive change was noticeable to everyone! Definitely recommend it.

  63. Luna1982

    Hair has reduced falling off. Been only using just over a month

  64. Sassy

    It is a great product, I have been taking the tablets for a couple of weeks, the result is very impressive. I only wish the tablets were a bit smaller.

  65. Sam

    I’ve been taking the tablets for two months. I have to say I will never buy another brand. This is great value for money. And unlike other brands it seems to be more than simply multivitamins.

  66. Aiden

    Wonderful product after almost 2 months I’ve noticed that my hair is so much stronger and thicker and defiantly grown. Will buy again – hoping there will be offers tho 😊

  67. Mia

    Hair has reduced falling off. Have been using just over a month.

  68. Jack

    Helped stop shedding so much hair. Hair definitely is thicker and healthier.

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