Premium Low Foaming Shampoo Only £24.99 

Premium Low Foaming Shampoo Only £24.99 

( 32 customer reviews )


To achieve the very best results, we advise using the shampoo along with our Hair Catalyst, but that’s all! No potions are required, no scalp serums, no hair serums, no scalp sprays, no missing applications at night, no messing pillows, no weird smells, none of that! Plus, there are no medications in this shampoo, no hormones, nothing nasty at all. It’s simply a gentle multifunctional shampoo for everyday use. 

How it works

This truly multifunctional shampoo for women helps condition your hair and scalp providing a better environment for hair to function naturally. So whatever hair you’re born with, Nourish Flourish shampoo helps it be the best it can be, in a natural and safe way. 

Free from controversial ingredients!

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Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos''
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'jouvelline shampoos'

How to use

This is a concentrated product, so you probably won’t need much. Rub Nourish Flourish shampoo between your palms and apply to wet scalp. Work from root to tip as you would with traditional shampoo, and it’ll lather up beautifully. After massaging into scalp and applying to full hair, rinse off thoroughly. Dry and style as desired.

Please note that with damaged hair, you may feel the need to use a conditioner, however, your hair will feel soft and conditioned when dry, especially after a few washes. Therefore, we recommend not using hair conditioner if possible.

Frequently asked questions

It’s simple! If you didn’t like the shampoo, then please contact us within 30-days of receipt of the product. Simply send us the order number via contact form on our website, or emailing to We will then refund you the cost of product, but unfortunately, we can’t refund the delivery cost.
We may randomly ask some customers to return what’s left of the product.

Not really! Everyone can benefit from it. This is a shampoo enriched by the power of nature. If you already have beautifully healthy hair, this shampoo can help preserve that. Nourish Flourish can also help transform your hair to the best version it could possibly get. In fact if you have straight, fine, or thinning hair this may just be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for, stimulating growth, reducing hair loss and improving volume. If your hair is curly or frizzy, this silicone-free and SLS-free formulation ensures your strands aren’t dried out, but instead conditioned and moisturised using natural ingredients to improve the appearance of your curls. Whatever your hair type, we recommend giving it a try to see the results for yourself.

With all honestly, we still haven’t managed to formulate a conditioner without the drawbacks of the traditional conditioners. In our humble opinion, we don’t believe any of the conditioners on the market are completely safe for hair, scalp, and our environment. Currently there is an internal R&D program with the objective of developing a non-traditional conditioner. It depends on how damaged your hair is. If you have normal, oily and mildly dry hair then we recommend not to use conditioners anyways. It’s probably more about getting used to new a routine in such cases.

You will see some immediate results such as improvement in aesthetic of your hair and condition of your scalp after the first few washes. Reducing hair loss may take longer, however, using it in parallel with Hair Catalyst you'd certainly get results faster.

Yes! When washing your hair it feels like stepping into sparkling notes of peach sprinkled with rose petals. A sensual sweet heart of indulgent raspberry blossom is wrapped with an intense floral signature of jasmine and lily of the valley, before drying to reveal its velvety bed of honeyed vanilla and cashmere woods.

The surfactants used in this product are gentle. There is no sulfates or SLS used in there. Plus it's a pH-balanced shampoo, therefore, this product is probably as colour-safe as a shampoo could be.

This is not a medicated product with no dandruff medication; however, the gentle, pH-balanced nature of it along with natural antidandruff ingredients soothe and condition your scalp, which in many cases are enough to address dandruff.

This is a gentle and well balanced noutritious shampoo with no harsh surfactants to strip off you natural hair oils, therefore you can use the product daily.

We pack and put your item in the post if ordered before 01:30 PM during weekdays. We use Royal Mail First Class delivery, so you should receive your item next day. However, sometimes it takes longer for Royal Mail to deliver. Please get in touch with us if delays beyond expectations.

Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'
Good results on Google SERP when searching for 'Jouvelline shampoos'

32 reviews for Shampoo for Women

  1. Danielle

    The shampoo is ALL I need in my hair routine. I have quite thick, frizzy hair but I can honestly say my curls are softer and my frizz is tamed. It smells so nice and refreshing too! I can see the passion but into the product as well which makes me feel so much better about buying it.

  2. VishalF

    I have really curly frizzy hair. All the shampoos I tried just made my hair worse. Really dry and very frizzy. Then I was recommended this shampoo, and I am in love with it. It is so moisturising; my curls are more defined. I am so happy!

  3. LucyW

    I didn’t use much shampoo as I didn’t feel like I needed a lot. I really like the smell, it was amazing, very herby but in a good way, my hair let so fresh after the shower. One thing I would say is I can’t go without my conditioner, so I had to apply it afterwards. But the shampoo itself was great and let my hair super soft.

  4. Lolaaa54

    I have dry hair and a lot of split ends because I dye my hair a lot. But this shampoo is really helping my hair heal. It is so great. I have been using it for almost 3 months now, every time I dye my hair, I don’t see much damage to my hair. I haven’t changed my dye so it must be the shampoo. So happy with the results.

  5. Sharareh

    I usually applied a lot of hair oil after my showers, and it never worked, I tried so many oils. Until I used this shampoo. After a few washes my hair was so healthy and soft. I don’t use any hair oils or serums or anything anymore. So happy I bought this!

  6. Christiana

    My hair gets greasy super fast, so I had to shower everyday, I never even use conditioner. I bought this shampoo hoping the natural ingredients can maybe reduce the grease without harming my hair. I am so glad I bought this shampoo. I still take a shower every day, but now it feels so healthy. And the grease is not as much.

  7. Emiliya

    This is such a good shampoo! And biodegradable! I’m a vegan and a huge environmentalist, this shampoo is everything I’ve wanted and its not false advertisement! My hair is healthier and so is the planet!

  8. AkilahT

    So good! I absolutely love it and so do my kids! My daughter is 9, but she has really curly hair, every other shampoo made it even more tangled, but after using Nourish Flourish, her curls are more defined, it has more volume which she does not like, but so much easier to manage and tie up. She loves the shampoo!

  9. Ayova

    Love the shampoo but my hair feels a bit dry afterwards, I still need to use a conditioner. It felt a bit dry in the shower too so if they can do a conditioner, that would be amazing!

  10. Ronda

    Texture is different. I’m used to thicker shampoos but I understand that it’s a different shampoo anyway. Smells great even after shower. Foams nicely and I’m one of those lucky ladies who doesn’t need using conditioner afterwards. My hair routine has become simple and I love the simple routine. Recommending it to my friends already.

  11. shayyy

    I have found my shampoo! Not going back! Thank you Jouvelline

  12. Faith99

    It’s unbelievable how the shampoo is transforming my hair. Still can’t believe that I’ve found a product that I might actually use for a very long time. Time will tell but super happy with the results so far.

  13. Gigi

    As recommended, I didn’t use conditioner afterwards for a week. I definitely need to! I have chemically treated hair and the shampoo alone didn’t make my hair feel conditioned enough. So, I started using my usual conditioner and I LOVE my hair! It’s so soft that it’s never been. Quite noticeably my hair falling is reduced too. Overall I’m very pleased that I purchased but the shampoo alone won’t make my dry hair conditioned enough.

  14. IDA-XOX

    What I like about this shampoo is that my hair doesn’t feel weigh down anymore. When applying it you can tell that it’s a light product. I don’t need using hair conditioner anymore. Love my new routine and I feel good saving on plastic packaging by not using other hair care products

  15. Sue

    What I like about the product? My hair is cleaner for longer and light weight with my natural waves being more defined naturally! What I don’t like? I wish the shampoo was more conditioning.

  16. Bibi

    I would prefer a thicker shampoo as it’s a little runny. But it does all it says. My hair is coming back to life and my hair loss is reduced. Looking at the list of ingredients on the box I feel so good putting this on my hair. There is nothing in it that I feel alarmed but all good stuff

  17. Y98

    I’ve had my hair permed last year so it’s pretty damaged. Using this shampoo I feel my hair is being repaired but I definitely need to use my hair conditioner. So no-conditioner routine doesn’t’ work for me.

  18. Joan

    Great shampoo but pricy! I just hope it works for me or I’ll ask for refund!

    • Jouvelline

      Hello Joan,
      Thank you for providing feedback. Based on the feedback from our customers we hope that you’d like it too and become an advocate yourself. However, if for any reason you were not satisfied with your purchase then please get in touch with us for refund. No problem at all.

  19. JullyB

    I’m a regular Hair Catalyst user. Thought giving this a go when I heard the shampoo is finally out. I must admit that I can’t go back! My died hair, not bleached, is softer than ever. I think I’m in love with my hair again! Downside is price! But I got a feeling that it goes a long way. Fingers crossed! Or I’ll have to use it less frequently so lasts longer! ☹

  20. AmberAmber

    I have damaged hair (bleaching all the time) which led to hair thinning – I guess. Using this shampoo, I felt the difference, but I have to use my conditioner afterwards. Still I admit that my hair is looking much healthier now.

  21. Jasmina

    I partcularly love the smell. The scent remains in my hair for at least a day! I love it it’s so so so refreshing. Even my boyfriend noticed it!

  22. JacquelineX

    The texture of the shampoo is smooth! It lathers nicely and smells great! Using the product has made such a difference I’m not changing to another product. my hair looks and feels like never before.

  23. Susie

    I haven’t been using it long but does make my hair seem thicker and its got a nice smell.

  24. hetherTan

    Hair catalyst had helped reduce my hair loss. Ever since using this shampoo I feel my hair loss dropped to a new level. I feel great! Knowing that I’m taking good care of my hair. I feel I can have my beautiful hair back soon. Thank you Jouvelline

  25. Mubina-Xo

    I have coloured fine hair. The shampoo works for my hair wonderfully! It took me a few washes to get used to the idea of not using conditioner in shower, but now I’m fine. I have recently noticed a natural wave of curls in my hair which I’m so excited and thought to leave a review. I’ll defo keep using it.

  26. Katylou

    The first time I used it in shower I felt something was missing as I always have used conditioners. I resisted tho and I’m glad I did. My hair looked amazing when dried. I don’t think I could ever use any other shampoo! Thank you Jouvelline for this amazing product.

  27. Amy

    I have been watching out for this after being in love with their hair vitamins. Bought the shampoo as soon as I heard it’s available and am SO glad I did. I have long, damaged hair and this makes it feel nourished and soft like I have been to the salon. It is pricey, but I got it on sale! Lucky me! Will purchase again.

  28. Lucy

    OMG it smells amazing! And leaves my hair so soft after drying. Can’t use any other shampoo anymore!

  29. Beck

    Well it’s an all-in-one shampoo and they instruct not to use any other product in shower. For me it was weird not using conditioner in shower. Plus, it didn’t give me the lubricate filling that I get from applying conditioner. But I guess it’s because this contains no silicone or other synthetics. Anyways when my hair dried, I could tell immediately that my hair was so light weight, looking naturally healthy and conditioned!

  30. Em2021

    I like the smell and how it makes my hair so light weight and not greasy looking. But I definitely need to apply my conditioner in shower.

    • Jouvelline

      Hi Em2021, No problem at all! You can use your conditioner as usual afterwards. We recommend not doing so where possible, but some hair need conditioning quite understandably.

  31. Olive

    When using it in shower for the first time I thought I CAN NOT use anything else! I can’t believe I’ve found something that ticks all the boxes for me. Thank you Jouvelline for this amazing product.

  32. Angie

    Purchased the shampoo only based on it including all the extracts and oils stuff. Smells great, so refreshing. It doesn’t foam as much as sulfate shampoos. I don’t use conditioner when using this shampoo and I can tell that my hair is cleaner and looks cleaner for longer. My hair is shiner than before too.

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