Hair Vitamins + Shampoo for MEN

( 3 customer reviews )

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

£38.99 (25% off RRP) + £4.1 Flat Rate Delivery

( 3 customer reviews )

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

£38.99 (25% off RRP) + £4.1 Flat Rate Delivery

Around 25 per cent of men start going bald by the time they are 30 years old! There are several reasons which may contribute to that but scientifically speaking you could slow it down by a good hair care regime.  

With our bundle of Hair Catalyst and Nourish Flourish, you could support your hair from inside and out! Hair catalyst gives your hair vitamins and minerals essential for healthy hair growth. It also offers natural DHT blockers to control the level of DHT. When you use Nourish Flourish shampoo, you simply cleanse your hair and scalp gently, but also nourish it with a vast of natural extracts and ingredients.

This double act approach is designed to condition your scalp so that it’s a great environment for your hair follicles, just like a well fertilised soil is good for growing healthy plants. It also offers the hair strands the strength and protection they need for growing a naturally healthy hair.

Suitable for all hair types

Our mission is to deliver results while making it simple!

With this hair loss bundle, you could still enjoy a simple yet luxury hair care routine and great result regardless of your hair type. In fact, when we threw out the rulebooks and decided to reinvent a haircare which is suitable for almost all hair types, we knew there would be technical issues. However, we made it! Our Nourish Flourish all-in-one shampoo is suitable for all with Fine – Normal hair and Oily – Dry – Dandruff scalp. Our cocktail of hair vitamins, Hair Catalyst, is designed to suit all hair types too!

Frequently asked questions

It’s simple! If you didn’t like the shampoo, then please contact us within 30-days of receipt of the product. Simply send us the order number via contact form on our website, or emailing to We will then refund you the cost of product, but unfortunately, we can’t refund the delivery cost. We may randomly ask some customers to return what’s left of the product.
Usually, when a household purchases the bundle others with no hair loss problems use them too! The shampoo smells great and feels good when used, so inviting! This resulted in others becoming a fan! So, the bundle users are split between the ones with and without hair loss issues. Simply put, everyone can benefit from the bundle.
Our customers reported some immediate results such as improvement in aesthetic of thier hair and condition of the scalp after the first few washes. Reducing hair loss may take longer, but again most customers see almost immediate effects.
We have no clinical evidence of our products reversing grey hair however we strongly recommend taking our food supplement, Hair Catalyst, along with shampoo, for a more balanced condition of hair and scalp which is key in preventing and slowing down premature hair ageing and greyig.
None of our products are medicals, however when used together they improve the conditione of hair and scalp which result in promoting hair growth and regrowth. Depends on the condition of your hair and scalp, age, health, diet and routin you may see the results in as early as 3-6 months.
We pack and put your item in the post if ordered before 01:30 PM during weekdays. We use Royal Mail First Class delivery, so you should receive your item next day. However, sometimes it takes longer for Royal Mail to deliver. Please get in touch with us if delays beyond expectations.

3 reviews for Hair Loss Bundle for Men

  1. Dave-JV

    I’ve been taking tablets for months. Purchased the shampoo when I heard it’s out. I think I’ve found my hair care routine! My hair is less greasy and I think my hair loss is gone.

  2. Blackstone

    My hair is cleaner for longer + and my hair loss is no longer noticeable.

  3. EricJ

    The shampoo is a fantastic product, well worth the money and works instantly on itchy scalp with dandruff. I have been using the tablets for quite a while now and won’t go back!

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