Frizzy hair

Frizz is a very common problem that many of us might be battling it right now. In other words, all of us are prone to frizz since you can’t find a single person who is immune to damage and change in humidity. So, frizz refers to a situation, usually after washing, that some hair strands stick out of the rest of your hairs. But it is not that bad and does not cause any harm to your hair, since it can add some texture and life to it. However, sometimes frizz can be annoying, and you may want to have sleek and glossy hair, maybe just to enjoy the feeling of it. In the end, it isn’t something to be worry about. If a problem is very common, then you can find tons of solutions and tips to solve it.

Causes of frizz

You probably have asked yourself a number of times: how should I get rid of frizz? However, the correct question that you should be asking is: what causes my hair to frizz? To be more specific, if you understand the problem and know what causes it, then you can develop an efficient strategy to tackle it. So, one very common cause of this problem is humidity. Because in places that are very humid and there are extra levels of moisture in the air, you can see more people with frizzy hair. Another common cause is the exact opposite of previous one. So, if you have naturally dry hair or if they get completely dried out, then they can become frizzy again. In addition to extra moisture and dryness, damaged hair can be a reason to frizzy hair as well. Since damaged hair is naturally more prone to dryness.

In order to overcome this problem, you can follow various strategies, although not all of them may work for you. Such as using a different shampoo product or reducing the number of times that you use conditioner. Also using a hydrating mask and changing your habits of blow drying can help.

How to fix frizzy hair

As I mentioned earlier, almost all of us are prone to frizz. This problem usually arises during the summertime, and if you have curly hair then you probably are experiencing it more than other people with straight hair type. This is because the hair becomes puffy and therefore the curls separate. But nothing to worry about, you can easily get your nice-looking hair back. Since there are various solutions to overcome this issue.

Using hair care products

So, one thing to consider, is to use specific hair products. For example, there are various shampoo products out there that are specifically for curly hair. Therefore, if you have curly hair and are usually getting extra frizzy hair, then it may be because of using the wrong shampoo on your hair. Since people with curly hair types are more prone to getting frizz due to the nature of their hair, therefore the hair care products that are designed for this hair type, usually include ingredients such as natural oils that are good for battling against frizz.

So, they probably will give you a better result when compared with other normal hair products. Therefore, if these shampoo and conditioner products are used regularly then you can expect a permanent anti-frizz effect. In addition, there are other products such as sprays or gels that can be used on your hair when it is dry but remember that their effect is always temporary and will not last forever.

Other solutions

If you like your current hair product and are not willing to switch to a new one, then there are other ways to overcome frizzy hair. For example, one thing you can do is to use oil on your hair. So, you can use some natural oils such as almond oil, argan, keratin, coconut, macadamia, olive and also Moroccan oil. All you need to do is to thoroughly spread the oil on your hair from roots to the tips of the hair strands. This will gradually remove the frizz effect of your hair. However, there are products that already contain some of these oils.

In addition, using a flat iron tool can also help you to get rid of frizz. But remember that excessive use of flat iron can cause other damages to your hair. So, make sure to use a lower heat setting to treat your hair, the lower the better. Also, using a healthy and balanced daily diet can improve your hair massively. A good diet not also can have de-frizzing effect, but also can boost your hair general health and growth. Therefore, make sure to have a healthy diet with natural oils and nuts and various vitamins that are essential for your hair. The last but not the least, you should cut your split ends if you have any of course. If you don’t cut them regularly, they will be a cause to frizz, and also they can continue to split your whole hair strand.