Hair breakage

Hair breakage is another common problem that can affect a lot of people. Any type of hair, from straight to curly are prone to breakage. Once this happens, it gives your hair a frizzy or coarse appearance, this can be anywhere along your hair strands. Just like frizzy hair, it is not a problem that can’t be dealt with and in most cases is a temporary problem. This issue can be related to other hair problems. For example, if you have uncontrollable frizz or ever suffered from split ends, then most likely these are follow up of the breakage of your hair. Breakage of hair isn’t something to be worried about, but you may find the repair a bit difficult. How to fix it and how long it takes largely depends on the extent of damage that is caused to your hair strands.


There are various reasons that can cause this problem to your hair. One of the most common causes is lack of moisture. Moisture is a very important factor to your hair, and its strength and elasticity features depends on the moisture. When your hairs are hydrated, they can stretch without breaking. But if there is lack of moisture, then they can’t stretch and also become brittle.

In addition, too much exposure to chemical products such as those used in hair colouring (bleaching and highlighting) can result in breakage of hair due to reducing moisture on your hairs. Heat styling methods can also result in reducing moisture on the hairs, and therefore breakage of the hairs. Everybody knows that any heat styling method is not good for the hair, since overtime it makes them weaker and increase the chances of hair breakage. Another common cause could be blow drying. If you don’t want blow drying to cause damage to your hair, then it is best to allow your hair to air dry for a bit, then use a hair dryer.

How to tell if you have broken hair

As mentioned earlier, hair breakage is a very common problem and there is a big chance that you have dealt with it at some point in your life. Finding out is not that difficult and there are various ways to get a grasp of the situation of your hair. For example, one easy way to tell if you have broken hair is observing the tip of your hair strands carefully. If you see your hair strands are broken into multiple ends, then you clearly have hair breakage. Also, another thing you should look for is pieces of broken hair all around the house, mostly on your bathroom drain and also on your brush. In addition, if you have healthy hair, usually after showering you should be able to brush them very easily. So, if you have hair breakage then they can become constantly tangled which makes it difficult to brush.

How to deal with hair breakage

Unfortunately, once your hair is broken open, usually damage is irreversible. But it can be taken care of and also prevented. First things first, you need to know the cause. So, once you know the cause of your hair breakage, then you are a million steps ahead and can start fixing your problem. Put it simply, reduce the abuse once you know it (for example excessive use of heat styling methods), nourish your hair properly (using a healthy balanced diet or a good hair supplement) and also protect your hair from further damage. A hair mask can also be very useful. Because, hair masks contain a lot of ingredients that can help to nourish and support your hair, that ultimately can protect your hair against breakage. Also, hair masks contain some special oils that can provide some moisture to your hair, which can further protect your hair.

Also, remember that the tips of your hair strands are the oldest part of your hair that has gone through a lot. So, they require more delicate care and they are the part that are prone to hair breakage. They say that hair tips need to be trimmed once every six to eight weeks, this helps with removing broken parts as well as making your hair to gain a healthy and fresh appearance once again.

Other things to consider

In addition to the above mentioned, there are other things that you can do in order to protect your hair from breakage. Generally speaking, mostly you need to reconsider your daily routine hair maintenance as well as styling methods. For example, you should be more considerate when using a towel to dry your hair. Since when your hair is wet, they can break more easily, therefore they should be handled very carefully and gently. Also, when brushing, try to pull the brush carefully through your hair strands. It is best to start brushing the tips first, since this will help to untangle the tips and makes it easier to brush and cause less damage to your hair.

In addition, if you are a fan of heat styling methods, you may also consider applying heat protectant to your hair before using a heat styling method or blow drying. This can be useful in protecting your hair from undergoing hair breakage, since excessive heat is harmful and can be the cause of a number of damages to your hair.