Split ends

If you enjoy having long hair, then you probably have experienced split ends hair at some point. Split end is a very common problem that usually affects people with long hair. This also affects any type of hair, from straight to curly. Medical doctors call it “trichoptilosos” or sometimes they refer to it as “schizotrichi”, although let’s just call it split ends. When it happens, your hair strands become dry, brittle and split or frayed. Split ends usually occur when the outer most layer of your hair, called cuticle, becomes damaged, and as a result of this, the inner layer which is called cortex is exposed. When the cortex is exposed, a number of problems could come after, such as dry hair ends, dead ends, and of course split ends hair.


You may not know it, but you should know that there are various forms of split ends. The first one, which is considered the most common one, is called Branch. In this type, when you look at the tip of your hair, it resembles a tree branch. Then is the Fork, which cause the hair strand to split into three parts, this type causes more damage to the hair. The third type, known as Treeis, is a situation in which as well as the tip, the length of the hair strand is also affected. And at last, the Candle type, is when the hair strands become thin towards the tip of the hair.

Split ends can happen as a result of various things such as extreme weather conditions as well as bad habits of hair care routines. For example, blow drying, straightening and also curling could lead your hair strands to form split ends. Just like other problems related to hair, this is also not a serious problem which can easily be dealt with. Split ends can easily be repaired, you may not like it but the only reliable and effective method to repair your hair is to cut the tip of it from where it splits.