Peaches are delicious. They are sweet, have a delightful smell  and make a wonderful treat on a hot day. The texture is gorgeous , soft and slightly fuzzy. Peaches originate from China, which was thought of as the fruit of immortality, probably because of its abilities to reverse signs of aging. They are from the same plant family as roses and that is why everything about them is so elegant from the beautiful pink-lavender blooms to its wide satiny green leaves. Peaches are healthy and full of vitamins A and E, thus are great for hair and skin. Peach kernel oil is extracted from the kernel of a peach. The oil has a light texture and a wonderful smell. Peach kernel oil is frequently used in skin and hair care products.

Hair benefits:

  • Fights off dandruff
  • Deeply conditions
  • Makes hair shinyProtects against sun damage
  • Combats dryness and breakage of the strands
  • Controls frizz

Skin benefits:

  • Tones and firms
  • Maintains skin’s moisture
  • Slows signs of aging
  • Treats skin’s issues such as acne and eczema