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Pumpkin Seed Oil

When it comes to pumpkin, the very first thing people remember is Halloween, or other festivals where they use pumpkin as decoration. In addition to that, some people may think about some delicious dishes or pies that uses pumpkin. But ever thought about pumpkin’s health benefits? Here we are talking about pumpkin seed that usually end up being in the bin as a food waste. The oil extracted from the seeds has actually a number of health benefits. Pumpkin, scientifically known as cucurbita pepo, belongs to the squash family which is native to north America. In folk medicine, pumpkin seed, has been used to treat depression and to boost mental mood. Pumpkin seeds, despite their small size, contain a lot of valuable nutrients. Taking a small amount of the can provide you with a lot of worthy ingredients such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and antioxidants (required for hair growth).

It also has some promising effects on hair growth, since an increase in hair growth was observed in men by nearly 40%, when they took pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks. In addition, pumpkin seed has other health benefits. For example, it can affect heart condition. Since, the oil contains unsaturated fat, it is considered to be a good oil, which can even promote the general condition of the heart. Also, pumpkin seed has been shown to be linked with reduced risk of some cancers such as stomach, breast, lung, prostate and colon cancers. In general, pumpkin seed is a natural ingredient with very little or no side effects which has a lot of health benefits. It can be easily added to your daily diet. But if you are allergic or have a health condition you may have to consult with your doctor prior taking it.

Pumpkin seed oil and hair

Scientifically, it has been proven that pumpkin seed has positive effects on hair growth. In a clinical trial study that was performed in 2014, pumpkin seed oil was used as a treatment for alopecia (hair loss). In this study a number of patients were treated with pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks. After which, a significant increase in hair growth was observed. Also, a 40% increase in the average hair count was observed, which suggest the positive effect of pumpkin seed oil on hair growth. Although this study has some limitations, for example, the mechanism of action through which pumpkin seed oil exerts its effect on hair was not identified, but it is very clear that it has a positive effect on hair growth.

As mentioned above, pumpkin seed contains a lot of natural vitamins and minerals that almost all of them are essential ingredients for hair growth, such as copper, magnesium, zinc, iron and also vitamin E. High amounts of vitamin E and zinc can also benefit your skin. Since they can help skin to renew and heal wounds quicker.


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