Coconut oil 

In food industry, you probably have heard of coconut oil as a superfood. Coconut oil has gained a lot of popularity during the past few years. Because it has its own unique mixture of fatty acids, it can affect your health in a positive way. For example, coconut oil can increase fat loss, improves heart condition as well as boosting brain function. In addition, it can have some antimicrobial effects as well as providing support for a nice and healthy hair growth. Therefore, due to its effects, during recent years there has been a large growth in production of coconut oil. Many people use it for cooking, although it is also used in other products such as fried foods, sweets, coffee, smoothies and also shampoo products.

Effects on hair growth

You probably have heard this a few times: coconut oil is good for boosting a healthy hair growth. It is actually true; there are evidences that provide support for the claim that this natural oil is truly good for hair. As you may know, a healthy hair growth largely depends on proteins, and also to deliver those proteins to your hair. This is where coconut oil comes in to protect your hair. There was a study that showed coconut oil has a high affinity for hair proteins as well as showing a very special ability to penetrate the hair shaft. In addition, coconut oil has the ability to protect proteins by reducing protein loss in both healthy and damaged hair.